Vanilla Marshmallow

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Vanilla Marshmallow is super refreshing! It is our whimsical play on milk and cereal. This blend makes a great breakfast tea choice! The fragrant aroma is certain to awaken all your senses first thing in the morning. Our blend is a great balance of French Vanilla, Earl Grey Creme', and soft citrus notes.

Vegan Marshmallows and Rice Krispies have been added for fun aesthetics and crackle. Toasted rice actually adds really awesome nutty notes. 

INGREDIENTS: Decaf Black Tea, Carob, Cornflower Petals, Stevia, Natural Flavor

Marshmallow Ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Filtered Water, Tapioca Starch, Carrageenan, Soy, Natural Vanilla Flavor


Makes 10-15 cups (2 oz pouch)

1 teaspoon per 8 oz cup
Steep for 3-5 mins